Awning Smart Control Box

Awning Smart Control Box


12V Power Extend and Retract Operation
Multi-Level wind sensing Technology prepped.
One Smart Control box Integrate all of functions.
Infrared Security(IS) Sensor.
Low Voltage Indicator.
Remote control box.
Led light interface.


The integrated smart control box can work with almost all of the awning accessories, such as wind sensor which ensure the awning can retract automatically without any damage. The infrated security sensor in the smart controlling box can control the LED light to be on or off, the LED light can be off automatically in the presence of nobody, plus, the remote kit can make the operation to be easier.

Power: 12V Battery bank or 12V Power supply
Multi-Level wind sensing: 3 Levels button, Support programming
Power Connector: Yes
Wind Sensor Connector: Yes
LED Strip Connector: Yes
Infrared Security (IS) Sensor Connector: Yes
Low Voltage Indicator: <10.5V Green led flashing
Remote Control Kit connector: Yes
Power Switch: Yes
Awning Manual Switch: Yes
LED & IS Sensor Switch: Yes
Fuse Connector: Yes