I have set the wind speed level, why don’t the vibration work?

Firstly, check if the wire connector are properly plugged in, if without any problem, please see the following:

It involves a logical issue. When the power is turned on, the system performs the operation to open the awning. After the operation, if the power is not cut off or turned off, the system will record the awning at open status, and it will automatically retract when encountering wind or vibration, but if the power is turned off, the awning will be considered to be in the initial state, that is, the awning is in the close state, so no retracting operation is performed. Only by following the normal logic, turn on the power, open the awning, and after 5 seconds, the vibration recovery sensor will be activated, and then to start the corresponding retraction at any time. As long as the opening operation is performed and even if the operation is in a short time, the automatic retraction function can also be activated because it only records the opened status.